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Notes From The Pastor’s Pen – February 28, 2016


I was woken by a phone call early this morning, (it is Wednesday when I am writing this) it was an automated call telling me that the Rigali Center (where our archdiocesan offices are) would have a late opening due to the snow and weather this morning. I knew what the forecast was so this didn’t surprise me, and just a listen to the wind and a look outside confirmed that this was probably a prudent move, St. Louis would have a slow start with the morning commute.

We are two and a half weeks into Lent, and it might be going well, or it might have been a slow start for some of us. Some considering that they really haven’t gotten into what they had hoped to for this Lenten season and possibly thinking of writing it off that this Lent hasn’t gone as they had hoped, so maybe next year. If that is your situation I would ask that you consider it like Wednesday, OK, the day may not have started that well, and that might have been within your control or not, but either way, what is preventing us from getting a late start?

I know some years I might have been overly ambitious in my thoughts starting out, thinking that I would change all of these things in my life, and then getting disappointed a few weeks in when I realized I wasn’t keeping up with all of my good intentions. But trimming them back a bit made it something that I could do, that I did do, and was able to maybe not change the world, but at least start with a bit of myself.

Other times something changes in our lives. I know an obvious related example I had of this was when I was working as an engineer and we had to make goals for the upcoming year. And the goals may have been very good ones and appropriate at the moment, but then a special project came up that took priority, or maybe I was even moved to a different program, I really couldn’t keep the same goals then. Or sometimes it ended up that I actually accomplished my goal immediately, so do I just leave things as is for the rest of the year or maybe it would make sense to consider what else can I also do?

I know the first Friday of Lent this year we had 5 people show up to pray the Stations of the Cross, a few less than I was expecting. I thought maybe I should remind people about it and I mentioned it at the Masses the First Sunday of Lent, that week we had 25 people. Next weekend we have two means to possibly kick-start your Lent, or to help it keep going along well: Friday evening and Saturday we are joining with neighboring parishes and a priest will be available for confession Friday from 6-9pm and Saturday from 9am-4:45pm at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. Then on Sunday through Tuesday (March 6-8th) we are having a parish mission here at St. Joseph parish from 7-8pm each evening with confessors available from 6-7 each night. So whether things got started as we had hoped or not, let’s take advantage of the opportunity we still have to have a great Lent.

Fr. Nick


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