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Notes From The Pastor’s Pen – September 11, 2016


In case you hadn’t noticed the St. Louis Art Fair is here this weekend. Now living right across the street from it I might have the perspective of how horrible parking and traffic are throughout the entire weekend. Or I might consider how blessed I am to have one of the closest parking spots around in my garage, and I can just walk out the front door of the rectory and the Fair is just a hundred ft.away. I mentioned both perspectives because both are valid, and chances are  sometime throughout the weekend I will be thinking each one, depending on what I am trying to do right then. If I have an hour or two free and the weather is nice I can just walk over and enjoy the Fair, if I need to go to the grocery store or anywhere else I better plan on it taking a few extra minutes both going and coming back.

I mention this because everything in our lives that matter does require something of us and at times can seem a burden. If you have a large, beautiful house, it can take a lot of time and effort to clean and maintain it. Having a pet can be a comforting companion who is there when you come home, but you also have to care for them and consider how you will do this if you are going on a vacation. Having many siblings growing up means you always have someone to play with and share your experiences with and someone who you will share a history with and be able to have this relationship throughout your lives, but it also meant having to share and conflicts and a fight here and there (both when we were young and even as we get older).

Our faith is also something that we need to realize makes demands on us. Some days it may just feel easier if I slept in on Sunday morning, if I lied about an embarrassing situation, if I ignored the Church’s teaching on marriage, or the death sentence, or birth control, or …. But hopefully we do treasure our faith, we do recognize the great gift and blessing it is for us, and especially when it can seem to be the most demanding and challenging is when we realize it is something we can’t and wouldn’t do without. It is our life. Hopefully especially during those challenges, when we carry our crosses, we recognize the blessing we would not do without.

Fr. Nick

P.S. We have a new seminarian who is going to be with us again this year on Sunday mornings, Mr. Ryan Truss. This is his first year in the seminary but he is starting off in what is called Pre-Theology II, since he has recently completed a philosophy degree this year should complete his preparation to enter Theology next year. I hope serving our parish at our Sunday morning liturgies will provide him the opportunity to grow this year and hopefully through our interactions with him as a community and individually will help each of us also.

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