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Notes From The Pastor’s Pen – October 30, 2016


Over the past months and over the next few weeks I have been and will be informing you about the Beyond Sunday Capital Campaign. It is a means by which Archbishop Carlson is hoping that we will be able to allow Catholic Education in the Archdiocese to continue to help form the children of today and tomorrow to grow in their faith as it has for generations in the past by addressing changing financial, educational, and operational challenges. The campaign will also allow parishes to address their local needs for planning for the future.

While I have asked many of you for financial support already and will be asking others over the next few weeks, we can never forget that our prayers are always needed. May the following prayer and all of our prayers help keep us united to God, to keep us united with one another, and to keep us always open to His guidance and direction in our efforts.

God our Father, in this moment of need
we place ourselves with confidence in Your holy presence.
We thank You that in Baptism You made us Your children,
redeemed by Jesus Your Son and united to Him and one another,
Guide us with the Holy Spirit
and deepen the faith we have inherited from past generations.
May our efforts be worthy of their memory.

Grant, Lord that the Beyond Sunday campaign will,
through support of Catholic education and the parishes of our Archdiocese,
bring us, Your people, to new depths of knowledge and love for You.

May this campaign be a source of new strength to those in need,
of healing in our civic community, of vitality in families,
of development for parishes and neighborhoods.
May all who promote this campaign by their prayers, sacrifices and labor
be granted a special share in that communion of love
that is Yours with Jesus Your Son and the Holy Spirit.
We ask this in Jesus’ name.

Fr. Nick


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