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Notes From The Pastor’s Pen – August 20, 2017


In case you hadn’t heard, there is going to be an eclipse tomorrow and it will be a total eclipse in parts of the local area. I think most of us have heard about this, and actually I think it is one of those things that are rarer nowadays of a communally shared event with everyone locally. Cable television, computers and the internet, I don’t know what all the reasons are but while communication has increased and we can talk about things with people on the other side of the world daily about our most private experiences if we want, we seem to have less and less communally shared experiences, and that seems to be a loss.

The eclipse is an interesting one to talk about since it is pretty morally neutral, and in some ways inconsequential, and yet at the same time so astronomical (literally) and powerful and things don’t get too much of a grander scale. It doesn’t matter our religion, our race, our nationality, our sex, our age, we will all experience the same event and be able to share our perception, our experience with one another. Even in the time leading up to it, our level of excitement and anticipation or not is something that is telling us about each other.

Ideally I see the event, like other shared ones, as being something that can bring us closer together. It helps us recognize our similarities and hopefully shows our differences as not something threatening or negative but as a means to grow, to further unite us by wanting to hear how others experienced this same experience, which most of us never had before and probably will never have again. Giving us a link with others and hopefully a better understanding of them. And others who know about it and were only able to experience the partial eclipse it is something that can be shared, broadening their experience, uniting us in a different way.

Let’s pray for a clear day, and wear your eclipse glasses.

Fr. Nick

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