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Notes From The Pastor’s Pen – September 10, 2017


Up until a few months ago I had a Windows phone, which is as opposed to an iPhone or an Android. It was a very good phone that I had for many years but they never became very popular because they didn’t have many apps available. That was the big problem with their phones, and even though I have an Android phone now, I still haven’t downloaded many apps. But I think a look at the apps we have and which ones we use the most is a modern way for many of us to access our daily lives. Do I spend most of my time on a certain game, or maybe with news, or social media of some sort? I know for myself looking at the radar or weather apps can be one of the most common if we are expecting a storm, or I hope to get a bike ride in that evening. Checking my email and calendar are probably the most frequent uses for my phone. And I do depend on it as my alarm clock in the morning and as my GPS if I am traveling or looking for a place. But there is another app, iBreviary, which I use for prayers if I don’t have my breviary with me or even for different sacraments ifneeded. If I am in a hospital it has all the prayers for anointing of the sick. Our cell phones, especially smartphones, can be like so many other things and seem to take over our lives – or we can use them to help us live our lives.

I can also now have our parish app on my phone. For years I couldn’t, since they didn’t have an app for Windows phones, but consider if it might be a good one to have on your phone.

Just looking at St. Joseph’s parish app it actually pops open with when the next Mass will be, in case you need to know, but it has more than that. There are the standard information available like Mass Times, bulletins, Parish information and contacts, and donations (of course). If you are traveling and want to find local parishes where you are and Mass times, you can use the DiscoverMass app to use GPS or a zipcode to find local churches and their Mass times. The daily Mass readings and reflections for each day are just one touch away. There is even an online Daily Mass you can watch streamed to your phone. And I think an interesting part of it is is titled Prayers. It has a long variety of different prayers you may know, knew at one time but don’t remember anymore, or maybe some new ones for you. Not only can you lookthrough them to find different prayers from the Angelus to the Guardian Angel Prayer to the Rosary, but you can also schedule them to remind you to pray them at certain times on certain days of the week or on every day.

It is easy to complain about things taking over our lives, but we need to recognize that we have control over how we use many things if we choose to exercise that control.

Fr. Nick


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