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Notes From The Pastor’s Pen – November 5, 2017


Over the last few weeks Fr. Schaab and I have been having some trouble with our cable reception in the rectory to the point that we didn’t have any cable reception for 4 days last weekend. Don’t worry too much for us, the problem is solved (we think), but it is interesting to see how we react when something that we’ve come to take for granted all of a sudden isn’t there. First you can just be upset or mad that you don’t have it, even denying it at times and doing all of these things to try and get it to work again. Then, when you admit it just isn’t working (and you are waiting for the person who can fix it to do so) you consider your other options. You didn’t always have cable, you can use an antenna if you can find one on many TVs. Or you can watch a movie on DVD maybe, or something on the computer. Or you could just turn it off and do something else. You consider what the things that you really depend on the TV for, maybe a certain series, or the news, or certain sports. And you hopefully also realize when it was just noise, or filler, or even something that you were better off without. If it takes long enough (as I mentioned, this wasn’t our only time lately) you start considering your new normal and might be accepting that this is how things are and so how do I live this way? But then when you get it back how quickly do we fall back into the old habits, good and bad. Do we appreciate what we have or not? Realize what aspects weren’t really that necessary, or may have even been bad for you? That you were better without? Have we taken the opportunity to grow in any way? Or just back to where I was before this happened and don’t want it to happen again?

OK, all of that was just about the cable being out, not that important but it can definitely get our attention. This month, November, we remember something with some similarities but infinitely more important, people who were in our lives who have died. When it happened we realized the great loss we felt, how we may have even still done some things as if they were there, couldn’t imagine what it would be like without them, didn’t want to. Hopefully we have managed to continue with our lives, but we also still remember them, are grateful for having had them in our lives. We pray for them, and in case they are already in heaven we ask for their prayers for us, but we don’t just remember how they blessed our lives as a memory, but we are open to see how others may be blessing our lives today, that we may be able to be that for others in our lives. We consider the ways we might have wished we were more appreciative, and consider being that with others in our lives today. What is the type of parent, sibling, friend they were for us? What is the type of parent, sibling, friend we are or can be for others?

As we go through November may we be grateful for all the people God has given us and the relationships we have had with them who have since deceased, pray for them, and show our gratitude and appreciation by how we live in the present.

Fr. Nick


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