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Notes From The Pastor’s Pen – February 18, 2018


Last Saturday Fr. Tom Schaab, our associate pastor, suffered a stroke that resulted in his death on Monday evening. He had suffered from numerous medical concerns in the past, from his heart to his hips and also strokes, but he had continued to serve us and God faithfully especially in his ministry of the sacraments of the Eucharist and Confession. Not only was he usually there for an hour to hear Confessions before the weekday noon Masses, (it is only scheduled for 11:15-11:50, but he was there by 11 and there was usually a line waiting) but if he could he would go back after Mass and it seemed like more and more people were taking advantage of that also. And this was all after he suffered from some of his medical concerns. The following is a list of all the places he has been assigned in his 43+ years serving as a priest:
1974, June 5: Assoc. Pastor, Immacolata,
1976, June 2: Part time Assoc. Pastor St. Puis V / on staff at DuBourg HS
1978, May 25: Part time Assoc. Pastor, St. Luke / Teaching at Mercy HS
1978, Oct 16: Part time Assoc. Pastor, Our Lady of Lourdes (U-City) / Teaching at Mercy HS
1981, June 2: Part time Assoc. Pastor, St. Robert (St. Charles) / Teaching at Duchesne HS
1984, June 26: Part time Assoc. Pastor, Sacred Heart (Valley Park) / Teaching at Kennedy HS
1986, June 5: Part time Assoc. Pastor, St. Clare of Assisi (Ellisville)/ Teaching at Kennedy HS
1988, June 22: Full time Assoc. Pastor, St. Clare of Assisi (Ellisville)
1990, June 20: Assoc. Pastor, Resurrection
1992, June 20: Pastor, Our Lady of Fatima
2000, April 10: Granted Medical Leave
2000, Sept. 5: Senior Assoc. Pastor, St. Justin Martyr
2001, Nov 16: Pastor, St. Christopher
2005, July 5: Senior Assoc. Pastor, St. Joseph (Clayton)

As you can see, they moved priests a lot when they were teaching. We were fortunate to have him for his longest stay of over 12 years and while I have been here we were also able to celebrate his 40th ordination anniversary in 2014.

I am extremely grateful for the years of ministry he has provided, but also for being able to live with him here for almost five years and witness his ministry and the affects he allowed Christ to work through him. Being the beginning of Lent may be a good opportunity to let his memory inspire us to be open to God’s graces in the sacraments, and to say a prayer for Fr. Schaab when you hear his wind chimes off the back porch of the rectory.

Fr. Nick


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