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Notes From The Pastor’s Pen – April 1, 2018

Happy Easter,

As we celebrate the Easter Vigil we bless and light a new Easter Candle for the coming year. Coming into the Church at the vigil we share that light with all the people who each have a candle, and the light spreads and lights up the dark church. As we go through the Easter season we will be having the Easter candle lit at all of our Masses to remind us of the season that we are in, to remind us of Christ’s resurrection, and to remind us of our continuous need to follow him.

We may not light the Easter candle for all Masses throughout the year, but we don’t just leave Easter for a single season. Every Sunday is a celebration of Easter, of Christ risen from the dead, of His love and sacrifice for us that we may share with him in eternal life. And as all good celebrations, they are not meant to be solitary. They are only magnified the more that are involved. At the Easter Vigil we represented this as we spread the light from the Easter Candle to the candles of all of those present to light up the church. So our weekly Sunday celebrations throughout the year are only made more joyful by each additional person present.

We may not each have a candle and light it from the Easter candle at each Sunday, but we are still each called to carry the light of our baptism. The more people we have present each week truly does make our celebrations brighter, the presence of Christ more obvious. And that light isn’t meant to just stay in the Church. Hopefully we take the light of Christ in our hearts, let it be rekindled each week, and take it out to others to help the whole world to find and follow Christ. May the Joy of Easter be with you today, and every day.

Peace and Joy,
Fr. Nick

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