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Notes From The Pastor’s Pen – August 19, 2018


We just loaded a truck with all of the backpacks that are going for the start of the school year to St. Augustine Wellston Center, we had 54 of them. This is something our parish and many others have been doing for years and a great way to help kids and their families in need to start a new school year, but the group that we used to give the backpacks to and who distributed them discontinued this practice, yet many of you were still interested in helping others in this way. So with just a few phone calls our parish secretary, Pat, set up a new means to continue this practice from our end and to get the backpacks to kids who need them.

I want to thank everyone who donated backpacks, but also those who talked to us asking about it, letting us know that this was a means of charity that we wanted to continue. In this case it was a practice many parishioners were already in the habit of, had decided this was a good means to help others, and continuing the practice was very easy, compared to having to start something new. But it is also understandable that St. Patrick Center, who used to coordinate their distribution, realized this wasn’t something they could continue. This was a good reminder that we weren’t doing this on our own. Too often we can just take for granted what others are doing and just focus on what we have done or what we want to do, but we need to remember that all we do is in a community and involved with others.

If you like to grow zucchini and so you plant a big garden, that doesn’t do much good if you don’t have a use for them come harvest time. Hopefully we take the opportunity at times to realize all those involved in all the things we do, especially in our charitable works. Is the need still the same? Who helps in this process and is it really getting to who needs it? To appreciate all that others are also doing, and maybe to consider if we are being called to be a part of another or different role in something we are already involved in? Or to start something new?

This weekend Fr. Timothy Kenney, SM will be telling us about the missionary work of the Marianists and asking for support to continue their educational ministries in Africa and India. As a school year starts let us be open to be inspired to hear how we may be a part of another means of helping one another to develop God’s gifts in themselves, and to become more fully God’s people here on earth.

Fr. Nick


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