St. Joseph Catholic Church, Clayton MO

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Notes from the Pastor’s Pen – January 23, 2022

Dear friends,

Recently the parish received a marble and bronze baptismal font and carved limestone statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph. These come from Saints Mary and Joseph Church in Carondelet whose parish was closed many years ago and merged with another parish. Recently the church building was sold but before this took place all the liturgical items were removed for use in other Catholic churches. When I learned of this, I approached our parish pastoral council which sup-ported the idea of obtaining certain items from it. Gratefully, we were able to receive the baptismal font, bronze baptistery gates, the limestone statues of Mary and Saint Joseph, and sanctuary chairs, all of which dating from the 1930s are accordingly more consonant with the interior style of Saint Joseph Church.

Minor repair and cleaning of the limestone statues of Mary and Joseph are underway. Once they are ready, they will be placed on matching limestone pedestals in the sanctuary. The statue of Mary will be placed on the left of the sanctuary near the side door and the statue of Saint Joseph will be placed on the right of the sanctuary. This is where the former statues were originally placed and this mirrors the way the Crucifixion scene behind the altar is arranged as the statue of Mary is on the left of the Crucifix. The present plaster statue of Mary will be relocated to the votive candle chapel and will be placed near the matching plaster statue of Saint Joseph which had been relocated there many years ago. The statue of Saint Joseph on the wall in the sanctuary will be relocated to the second floor of the school.

Originally the baptistery in our church was located where one of the confessionals is in the back of church. This confessional, which is near the entrance to the choir loft, contains a stained glass window depicting the baptism of Jesus by Saint John the Baptist in the Jordan River. Because only one of the confessionals is normally used, because this is the original place of the baptistery, and because of the fact that the baptismal font would otherwise obscure the statue of Mary in the sanctuary, the decision was taken to restore the baptistery. The font will then be moved to the baptistery and the bronze gates will be placed at its entrance. The wooden statue of Saint Martin will be placed where the wooden statue of Saint Joseph is and the wooden statue of Saint Joseph will be relocated to a prominent place in the school. As this work is being done I truly appreciate your patience.

In Christ,
Father Bené


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