St. Joseph Catholic Church, Clayton MO

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Notes from the Pastor’s Pen – July 24, 2022

Conversation with God

Prayer is our focus this weekend. In the Gospel, Jesus gives his disciples, and us, the Lord’s Prayer, which we have cherished through the centuries. The first two words encompass much about our faith—unity among all Christians (Our), and a sense that we are in a deeply bonded relationship with God (Father).

In Genesis, we see Abraham in conversational prayer, in his creaturely humility before his Creator, seeking mercy and compassion for the innocent. The psalm is a lyrical prayer of thanksgiving and praise for the God who answered the sincere prayers of a people who had called out for help, showing them mercy. In Luke’s Gospel, the disciples want to pray like Jesus, with the same intimacy—to experience God as Abba in the depths of their being. Do we try to talk to God?

Do we listen for answers? This relationship is always a work in progress.

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