St. Joseph Catholic Church, Clayton MO

106 N. Meramec Avenue – Clayton MO 63105 – Parish Office (314) 726-1221

Notes from the Pastor’s Pen – September 18, 2022


Make a choice. God or money, material things, earthly pleasure. This is what Jesus asks us to do in today’s Gospel. The Pharisees and scribes, and many people, want it both ways. God and wealth. But Jesus knows that “no servant can serve two masters.” It is not that wealth is inherently bad, but the pursuit of it to the exclusion of what is good and righteous is. Our faith is meant to guide and shape the way we live. If we are followers of Jesus Christ, we will treat others, especially the poor and vulnerable, fairly and justly. We will live with devotion to God and let our lives speak the truth of God’s love for all. We will put first things first, or more precisely, put God and God’s ways first, assured that when we do, everything else will fall into place.

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