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Notes from the Pastor’s Pen – January 15, 2023

Our Strategic Goal

As a Church, we now move into Ordinary Time. “Ordinary” comes from the Latin root for “order,” which is why we line the Sundays up on the calendar and count them—with “ordinal” numbers—one by one. The orderly way we proceed through the liturgical year reminds us that our faith offers a strategic goal for our lives: eternal happiness with God, who is love. Today’s readings share stories of believers who order their daily activities toward the goal of sharing God’s love. Isaiah embraces his role as God’s servant and works to bring glory not only to Israel, but to the entire world. In a similar way, Saint Paul identifies himself as Christ’s witness in the world and reminds the Corinthians of their life goal: “to be holy.” The Gospel shows us John the Baptist, servant and witness, attentive to God’s loving orders, the divine plan for salvation.

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